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My Camera Editorial Advisory Board comment published on Oct. 3, 2009:

After recently discussing student and family privacy with a Broomfield parent, the parent gave me a copy of “Hot Seat Freshman Questions.” The questionnaire was used in a Broomfield High Freshman Seminar August get-acquainted activity. Principal Ginger Ramsey quickly and kindly clarified for me: Teachers and upperclass student helpers “break the ice” in class by answering the questions first. Students can “pass” on any question and voluntarily take the “hot seat” in front of the class.

Nevertheless, peer pressure can take its toll and disclosing personal information gives bullies something to use. There is no value in teachers asking students in class: “Do you have a significant other? Who is it?” and “Who do you have a crush on?” In fact, answering honestly requires students to divulge their sexual orientation and lack of or interest in a “significant other.”

It sounds like we’re training students for the Oprah Winfrey Show. Students responding with creative fiction may fit the bill more than their passing on out-of-bounds questions.

I applaud Ramsey for her open door for anyone with concerns about the 3-year-old program. We all need to know whether this required seminar is an academic course or counseling program, whether students will be further questioned about their personal lives and whether materials are available for review. Also, I urge the school board to look carefully at district policies addressing the matter.

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*This title was not part of the Camera publication.

Source: Daily Camera

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