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My Camera Editorial Advisory Board comment published on Oct. 27, 2007, in response to the Camera’s question: What lessons can Boulder take from the protracted battle over the redevelopment of the Washington school?

The Boulder Valley School District’s Washington Elementary is long gone and with it the neighborhood that existed when elementary children walked to their neighborhood school. There is something sad about that. In its place, supposedly because of the Boulder City Council’s approval for the project this week, the site is slated for homes, condos and a co-housing community. The blame game and threats of voting individuals in or out of office in the next election may help some, but I think it wise for Boulder to take a good look at itself for lasting solutions.

The elementary school would not have been closed in the first place if more young families could afford to live in Boulder. Whose fault is that? How can residents help?

No-growth or extremely slow-growth policies are driving up the cost of living in Boulder. Young families are moving elsewhere. Then, parents selecting private schools and other choices in public schools may have affected Washington Elementary as well. In any case, unless Boulder figures out how to attract young families to live in Boulder, it should not be surprised if other schools close and variations of this story play out again and again with higher density as the rule than the exception.

In this particular replacement project, elected officials and residents alike could have worked together more harmoniously so more people could have been satisfied with the outcome. It’s impossible to say from my perspective whether anyone learned how to do that.

*This title was not part of the original Camera publication.

Source: Daily Camera

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