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My Camera Editorial Advisory Board comment published on Sept. 5, 2009:

How much is it worth to a country for mothers to have babies? As one who feels a special feeling holding a new baby and looking at its face and tiny fingers and toes, I was interested in Japan’s answer. As announced this week, the Democrats in Japan plan to give families 26,000 yen ($275) a month per child through junior high to encourage women to have babies.

Though this amount won’t cover the total cost of raising a child, just like tax credits in the U.S. don’t, it clearly says Japan wants more babies. Japan’s population of 127.6 million peaked in 2006. By 2050, it is expected to decline below 100 million.

I was also encouraged to hear that pro-family leaders and groups from 63 countries met in Amsterdam in August in the fifth World Congress of Families. They discussed issues facing families and, therefore, countries. Issues included the impact of decling birth rates, human trafficking in women and children, HIV and AIDS, the effect of child care, the role of mothers and fathers and Internet pornography. Ultimately, resolving these issues and others facing the family take all of us working together, which is much more valuable than money.

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Source: Daily Camera

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