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My Camera Editorial Advisory Board comment published on Dec. 6, 2008:

About half of Latino students in the Boulder Valley School District currently don’t graduate from high school. Instead of just hoping for better statistics, Jay Kenis, a counselor at Angevine Middle School and Daniel Escalante, a community activist, deserve lots of praise for being part of the solution. They organized and carry out the Latino Boys Leadership Group at Angevine that meets once a week before school and includes other occasional activities.

I was delighted to hear this year’s group of 18 seventh- and eighth-graders receive support and down-to-Earth messages to help all of them graduate. If members want to be successful in school, they are told they must support each other. They are told they need to praise and encourage each other. These makes sense. The enemies of success need not be within the group. And, they are told to find their own voices and reject the negative images and messages society imposes upon them. I hope they see themselves as bright, capable and bound for success if they make the necessary efforts to do well in school. Their education is key.

The group’s team-building exercises can be fun and even make a good point of cooperation. Now, as the group moves forward, I hope the program’s leaders and the students involve the students’ parents and families more.

Source: Daily Camera

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