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Halloween Democrat by Gary McCoy

Gary McCoy’s Oct. 30, 2006, political cartoon, “Halloween Democrat,” still popular.

My Camera Editorial Advisory Board comment published on Nov. 1, 2008:

A Gary McCoy Halloween cartoon hitting my e-mail box may make you laugh. It goes like this: A man opened the door to three trick-or-treating little children on his porch. He said, “Look how much candy you have! I’m going to take half and give it to the kids too lazy to go trick or treating for themselves!” The little witch said, “Oh crap, a Democrat.”

If you’re not laughing, maybe you’re justifying. Some kids are too sick to go out for their own candy. Others have unsafe neighborhoods or can’t get to neighborhoods with candy. Also, some parents can’t take their children out at all. The list goes on.

If redistributing the wealth of candy is so important, leveling the playing field in political campaigns should be a no-brainer. Both McCain and Obama promised to accept public campaign funds to level that field. McCain kept his promise. Obama didn’t.

One result is Obama accumulated so much money he aired a half-hour ad on several TV stations on Wednesday. He didn’t offer and wouldn’t have liked “the man” to give some of his “candy” to McCain. Apparently, Obama’s redistributing wealth only applies to taking money for his causes.

Source: Daily Camera

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