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My Camera Editorial Advisory Board comment published on Jan. 3, 2009:

Who seeks foul water to drink, contaminated foods to eat or toxic neighborhoods in which to live? None I know, but I do know and love people who purposefully breathe in unhealthy air. They smoke. Too many studies have shown the negative effects of smoking to dismiss the unhealthy side effects of whatever pleasure smokers derive from smoking.

A man whose nose was partly eaten away with cancer or the widow who buried her husband who smoked for years will likely tell smokers to snuff out that cigarette, cigar or whatever they’re smoking. They’ve experienced the loss. And, they don’t need the three-year study following Pueblo’s smoking ban to try to persuade smokers to consider the bad effects of secondhand smoke either.

The study had flaws. One big one was other factors weren’t considered and building smoke levels weren’t measured. However, the correlation remains. After the smoking ban went into effect on July 1, 2003, Pueblo experienced a 41 percent drop in heart attack hospitalizations. Surrounding areas saw no such reduction.

With secondhand smoking getting the bad rap, researchers at MassGeneral Hospital for Children bring up another one they are calling third-hand smoke. Contaminants from smoke are left on carpets and clothes and what have you so that though the parents may smoke away from their children, their children still are exposed to it. Over time, it is becoming more and more obvious that smokers have a lot to consider before lighting up. Their loved ones should top the list.

Source: Daily Camera

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