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My Camera Editorial Advisory Board comment published on Jan.19, 2008, in response to the Camera’s question: Racism and sexism. Some say Obama is treated more kindly than Clinton because it’s more acceptable to show sexism than to flaunt racism. Others say it is counter-productive to pit the sensibilities of one oppressed group against another. What do you say?

I don’t see acceptance in flaunting either sexism or racism in the election for president of the United States. I know some still show such feelings, but acceptance in flaunting them? No. Nevertheless, the fact that Obama and Clinton are the most unlikely candidates of a few years ago does not mean we should hold them to a lesser standard than required to be president. Hopefully, when voters head to the polls, they will have more than selecting a race or gender “card” on their minds.

*This title not part of the original Camera publication.

Source: Daily Camera

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