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My Camera Editorial Advisory Board comment published on June 23, 2007, in response to the Camera’s question: Should those who are rescued be charged for search-and-rescue efforts?

For the most part, I side with the Mountain Rescue Association and the many other search and rescue groups who say victims should never be charged. The only exception I believe fair is when victims were engaging in illegal or extremely dangerous activities. Whether the money is in one pot or the other, tax money and state funds are available to pay for rescues. Where is our society going if we don’t help those in need without giving them a bill for our efforts?

Since rescues can be expensive, I don’t find it surprising that Golden Fire is looking to recoup the $5,000 for its recent efforts in rescuing a hiker from Kansas. What I find surprising and disappointing is where Golden Fire is looking to get the money –  from the victim. Instead of doing that, Golden should seek funds from the Colorado Outdoor Recreation Search and Rescue fund as well as to pay for it itself.

Of course, by its actions Golden Fire officials could send the message that Colorado visitors falling on difficulties in Colorado’s beautiful scenery should watch their step or foot the bill. If that’s the message, there may be less need to worry about how to hail a taxi in Denver.

*This title was not part of the original Camera publication.

Source: Daily Camera

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