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My Camera Editorial Advisory Board comment published on March 14, 2009, in response to the Camera’s question: This week’s question: President Barack Obama said Wednesday that he would sign an earmark-laden “imperfect” spending bill into law, but said that there would be rigorous earmark reform in the future. What do you think of the bill’s passage? What do you think of Obama’s plans for earmark reform?

President Obama gave a speech on Wednesday reminding the American people he campaigned on restoring responsibility and transparency and accountability in government. But, in the same speech he justified signing what he called an “imperfect” $410 billion spending bill full of 8,500 earmark projects costing taxpayers more than $7.7 billion. He said it was necessary for the ongoing functions of government and we couldn’t have Congress bogged down at “this critical juncture in our economic recovery.”

Obama signed the bill on Thursday, which shows Congress has Obama’s number. Anytime Obama pushes legislation through with expediency, Congress will have full reign to fill it with pork. Congress knows Obama is not willing to have a showdown. He won’t actually refuse to sign legislation he values because individual legislators insert at the last minute and without review some pet projects to benefit their home states or campaign supporters.

So where is the responsibility, the transparency and the accountability? This whole situation reminds me of a mother catching her child doing something of which she disapproves. Once caught, she says to her child, “Don’t do that again, but here’s a cookie for trying.” Maybe Obama will get tough next time, but it’s not likely.

Source: Daily Camera

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