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My Camera Editorial Advisory Board comment published on Feb. 16, 2008, in response to the Camera’s question: Should the Boulder City Council pass a resolution urging the impeachment of President Bush?

One strongly Democratic town’s City Council calls for the impeachment of President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney with the speed of cold tar. No big headline there. Add to that, Congress, where the power and responsibility actually lies, is highly unlikely to do the same. What a waste of time and resources for the Boulder City Council to respond to a few local activists to draft and vote on such a non-binding resolution. If it proceeds, the resolution won’t carry much more weight than parents sitting down with their children and giving them their opinions directly.

George Bush has done things worth questioning and challenging, but impeachment is ludicrous, especially now candidates for president of the United States are grabbing headlines. The country’s eyes and ears are on the future. Citizens are asking themselves, “Which candidate will take the nation where we want to go?” The Boulder City Council should act wisely and pass on an impeachment resolution.

Source: Daily Camera

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