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My Camera Editorial Advisory Board comment published on Sept. 15, 2007:

I sympathize with husband and wife Bob Westby and Anita Moss for attempting to stop hunting near their Sugarloaf Road home by filing a lawsuit this week in Boulder District Court. Flying bullets and families outside don’t mix safely. In spite of my sympathy, however, I see this story more about people attempting to change the neighborhood’s character after moving in than about firearms in a neighborhood.

Those living in the approximately 300 homes in the Sugarloaf Road area certainly knew prior to their moving in that hunting was permitted on federal lands there. If they did not know, they should have. Then, as residents for 31 years, Westby and Moss continually attempted to change the character of the area instead of simply moving to a location more to their liking.

I’ve seen this same desire in some Broomfield residents. Long before hundreds of houses were built near the Colorado Dog Academy on Sheridan Boulevard just north of 120th Avenue, winds carried sounds of barking dogs throughout the area. Initial homeowners signed statements acknowledging the kennel. Then, as new owners moved in, those residents cried out to various levels of government to alter, move or shut down the dog kennel. “Too much barking,” they said with little regard for the area’s previous character.

The underlying issue for me in both cases is reasonable accommodations for newcomers in balance with the character of an area before they arrived. In the Sugarloaf case, I hope the court protects residents while continuing to allow hunting as much as safely possible.

*This title was not part of the original Camera publication.

Source: Daily Camera

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