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My Camera Editorial Advisory Board comment published on May 24, 2008, in response to the Camera’s question: Local police are investigating a weekend scavenger hunt that involved Boulder High seniors, who said they were seeking and stealing a variety of things, including street signs and children’s bicycles. In your opinion, was this a serious crime, or a harmless high school prank?

High school-aged youth and young adults pull a prank to liven up what they consider to be a boring school or town. They damage a school or get back at a teacher. They want to set some sort of record by doing a prank without getting caught to give themselves an identity, even bragging rights. These were some of the reasons given on a Web site I visited about senior pranks.

The students, who may not be associated with the Boulder High senior class when they went on a stealing scavenger hunt, need to understand their lawlessness comes with a price. Their victims paid a price by having their property stolen. Scavengers need to be appropriately punished under the law and given incentives to name names of others involved. Getting suspended from school and not participating in graduation are appropriate. So are fines and restitution. Though not ranked as a serious crime, their actions weren’t innocent, harmless fun either.

Source: Daily Camera

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