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My Camera Editorial Advisory Board comment published on Aug. 29, 2009:

The six local farmers wisely requested the County Commissioners delay their decision about growing modified sugar beets on county open space. In turn, the commissioners were wise to hold off on their decision, a request also made by the Parks and Open Space Department. The main reason is the high level of emotion packaged with information on the beets needs to be sorted out with rational, clear-thinking heads. Additionally, so as not to repeat this same scenario another year with another product, the commissioners should take this pause to also craft an over-arching policy for all genetically modified crops for any future requests.

As a granddaughter of a farmer who owned his own land and planted whatever he wished, I feel sorry for the farmers who are farming open space as tenants. They contribute to the beauty and productivity of Boulder open space and want to be good neighbors. As such, they requested to plant a more economically sound crop for themselves to bring to market. There is no fault in them for that.

However, the farmers` request lit up a debate far beyond the value and safety of genetically modified beets to include the amount of sugar in the American diet and protecting Boulder`s image in the organic and health food world. Though it`s wise to take a break and sort out what is fair to the farmers and to the public wanting safe and economical foods, the farmers deserve that decision in time for planting in 2011.

Source: Daily Camera

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