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My Camera Editorial Advisory Board comment published on April 11, 2009, in response to the Camera’s question: RTD directors voted unanimously this week to pursue a new $2.2 billion plan for FasTracks. They are expected to ask voters to approve of a doubling of the current 0.4 percent FasTracks sales tax to get the entire system built out by 2017. What do you think of the plan to hike the sales tax to finish FasTracks?

The RTD directors must have pie-in-the-sky optimism that voters can tolerate the burden of another 0.4 percent FasTracks sales tax. Clearly, they are not thinking of the economic conditions with high unemployment and foreclosures, the shaky market and precarious positions many find themselves in keeping their jobs.

FasTracks does have worthy goals, however, of providing transportation options to ease traffic congestion as the Denver-metro area grows. The highways don’t have room now and won’t have it in the future for every commuter to drive their own car. Mass transportation is essential. FasTracks sounded like a good idea at first, but a robust buses-only system is looking better and better with less cost, more flexibility and no diesel trains filling the air with exhaust.

FasTracks is a colossal, hungry project that even when it is finished won’t see the ridership it needs to be cost effective. No doubt this is not the last time RTD directors will ask voters for more money. Somehow, they don’t actually know what it will cost or how to get there without pleading costs and current tax revenues left them in the lurch. More money? No. They have already violated their objectives to complete the project on time and on budget and have no clear plans to do so either.

Source: Daily Camera

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