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My Camera Editorial Advisory Board comment published on Nov. 8, 2008:

Whether we voted for Obama, all of us can rejoice in this message. Race relations took a giant step forward.

No doubt some of Obama’s success came from the images presented. He was a family man. His wife was strong, outspoken and supportive, his children adorable. Seeing the Obama family together gave a sense of what’s right with America.

Obama said, “God bless America” at the end of his speech on Election Night to which I add my own plea to God. I wish Obama the best and pray for him and the rest of our country’s leaders at all levels of government. They need that support to keep our country free and prosperous. I also pray, we, the American people, will do our part.

With Obama’s victory, I find it interesting Coloradans voted to keep race and gender a part of considerations in college admissions and government hiring. It appears Obama’s success was more the exception than the rule. I also appreciate the majority in California, Arizona and Florida for affirming marriage to be between only a man and a woman.

Source: Daily Camera

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