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My Camera Editorial Advisory Board comment published on Dec. 8, 2007:

CU’s President Hank Brown did the right thing in settling with Lisa Simpson and Anne Gilmore in the Title IX lawsuit that will cost CU $2.85 million. If he had not done that, it is true all involved would have had their day in court. However, that day would have cost millions and could have come as far down the road as a year. Then, the losing side likely would have appealed, and the process could have started all over again with yet another day in court. All the while, CU’s reputation would have continued to be muddied. The only benefit I see to such a path would have been to vindicate former CU employees who were in positions seen as at fault by the plantiffs. The terms of the settlement  include a new counselor for the Office of Victim’s Assistance and an independent, outside Title IX adviser. Both are something CU could or should have had all along.

Looking for official help through CU for prevention of future cases such as this one is good. Nevertheless, the benefit of personal efforts and commitments should not be overlooked. Not everything legal is wise, and not everything wise is popular or fun. Consider the impact young men and young women can have on their own lives when they purposely avoid opportunities to engage in premarital sex. They aren’t going to go to certain parties or will act differently when faced with compromising situations. Also, consider the impact of a decision never to drink at all or never to drink again. Both choices could result in clearer thinking and fewer regrets.

*This title was not part of the original Camera publication.

Source: Daily Camera

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