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My Camera Editorial Advisory Board comment published on Oct. 11, 2008, in response to the Camera’s question: The University of Colorado regents unanimously approved a plan to bring standardized testing to campus, despite a request from Boulder faculty members that the measure be revised with their guidance. What do you think about standardized testing at CU?

If I were a prospective CU student, I would not be swayed in the least by test results of 100 incoming freshmen and 100 graduating seniors. As a taxpayer, I’m swayed even less. The sampling size is insignificant. Regard for CU’s broad spectrum of curriculum is lacking, and the impact on the classroom could be damaging.

I agree with Uriel Nauenberg, chairman of the Boulder Faculty Assembly, in arguing that the faculty should have been involved before the vote as this testing is a part of curriculum. But, I also see that the regents’ move without faculty input is a vote of confidence in them. The faculty and their offerings are so sound and stable, the test was simply viewed as a marketing strategy to sell what is already there.

I can understand if students feel a little put upon if selected to take the test. Buff pride would help, but students have busy lives and lots to juggle. There is also a great responsibility in attempting to reflect the quality of the entire university educational value for thousands of students. If this test is truly for marketing the school to prospective students, I would hope the regents would screen students. Scores from students who barely made it into CU and students who will barely make it out likely won’t help.

Source: Daily Camera

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