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My Camera Editorial Advisory Board comment published on June 13, 2009, in response to the Camera’s question: The University of Colorado is offering to lower the height of its planned four-story Institute of Behavioral Science building, but the school wants to be reimbursed by the city for some of its $620,000 in redesign fees. The changes would shave off 5 feet from the facility, leaving it 17 feet over the city’s 55-foot height limit. Council is mulling its response. What do you think?

The city definitely should not pay CU $620,000 in redesign fees for a measly 5 feet reduction in height of the building. Not only would that be a big waste of taxpayer dollars, it wouldn’t bring the building into compliance with the city’s height restrictions or resolve the issues between the city and CU. Instead, the city should chalk up its defeat to the fact that CU is not going to and doesn’t have to abide by its building height limits. If the city doesn’t believe that, the city can take CU to court. That, however, would be another big waste of taxpayer dollars and a bad move. Good relationships between neighbors have more to do with values jointly held than legality.

This current controversy underscores the fact that the city needs to come to grips with its relationship with CU. Should CU’s growth take up more acreage or more sky? Or should CU stop growing altogether in Boulder? The current battle over height limits is only the current tale-tale sign of two government entities refusing to bow to the other as they grapple with these questions.

Source: Daily Camera

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