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My Camera Editorial Advisory Board comment published on Aug. 22, 2009, in response to the Camera’s question: On Tuesday, the Boulder Valley teachers union overwhelmingly rejected a tentative contract agreement that would give members a 1 percent stipend for one year only, and no cost-of-living raise. Some say local teachers are underpaid and that the district did not negotiate in good faith, while others say that in these tough economic times, the offer to the teachers was more generous than what most American workers are seeing. What do you think?

Governor Ritter announced Tuesday his plans to cut $320 million from the state budget, which will cut 266 state employee jobs. The unemployment rate of 9.4 shows job losses in major industries, and furloughs are common in the public and private sectors. But, there is also good news. The cost of living is down so salaries buy more. Amid these economic indicators and others, the Boulder Valley School District appears prudent in offering its teachers no cost-of-living raise and a 1 percent stipend for only one year.

Apparently, these facts were not what 94 percent of the Boulder Valley Education Association’s members thought of when they rejected the contract with the district last week. Maybe they know something the rest of us don’t. By comparison with Denver metro area teachers are BVSD teachers underpaid? Are Amendment 23 and the mill levy increase for K-2 of a few years ago being directed away from classrooms? Could money be better spend without an increasing numbers of assistant principals and other administrators, in-house legal council and a district spokesman? Depending on these answers, BVEA President Melissa Tingley may have good reason to say the district places “little value on the critically important role that teachers play in the district.”

Consequently, it’s a puzzle why the BVEA resists unbiased third-party “fact finding,” a provision of its 2008-09 contract. The school board and superintendent continue to ask the union for this. It’s time the union takes this opportunity for help in stating its case.

Source: Daily Camera

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