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My Camera Editorial Advisory Board comment published on June 27, 2009, in response to the Camera’s question: Boulder Valley school board members said this week they support a proposed “wellness policy” that aims to establish and maintain lifelong healthy-eating habits for students by promoting nutritious food in every aspect of the school experience. But some board members expressed concern over “prescriptive” language in the draft policy that, for example, says K-8 students “will not be involved in, or have access to, the sale of candy, sodas, cookies and sweets at any school-sponsored event or for any fundraising activity.”

The BVSD’s nine-page wellness policy is stuffed with a broad range of issues. The district aims to get rid of marketing and advertising of non-nutritious foods and beverages through school-sponsored avenues. Menus are to contain more fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains. More foods are to be made from scratch. Recess is to be before lunch, parties with permissible treats after lunch. Physical activity, including physical education, recess and intramurals, is to occur daily.

All are good directions. However, the district overreaches. It sees itself as a community role model in a Boulder-health-food-Mecca sort of way with the school board spreading the message across the nation. Foods with additives the district deems potentially harmful, for example, will not be served. This standard is more restrictive and expensive than most restaurants can achieve especially when added to the district’s goal foods be organic, sustainable and locally produced.

I applaud the district for wanting students to see the connectedness of gardening, cooking, nutrition and doing well in school. School gardens, visiting farms, and nutrition and cooking education are good steps. But, the district goes a bit far in linking success in school to environmental education. If somehow students don’t recycle or compost, they don’t do well in school? Ridiculous.

Among its many statements, the policy declares “no student who attends BVSD will go hungry” and a nutritious breakfast and lunch will be available to every student in the district. Interestingly, the policy provides no details on how the district can afford that.

Source: Daily Camera

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