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My Camera Editorial Advisory Board comment published on May 26, 2007:

Boulder County’s proposal of building “green” has some good goals of saving energy and water and of making buildings and homes environmentally friendly, too. Its goal to deconstruct instead of demolish is less wasteful. We don’t need to fill our landfills with old construction materials when they could be recycled. I’m cheering loudly about all of this.

Then, I consider the cost and who’s making the decisions. That’s when the cheering stops if all or most decisions are mandated by the county. The county says it doesn’t cost more when you consider the cost over time. But how long will it take to recoup those initial costs? The life of the home is too long.

Additionally, instead of limiting structure size and placement on a property, the county should give suggestions to homeowners to situate homes on their sites to take better advantage of passive solar gain and natural cooling or ways to use recycled or sustainable building materials. Residents and the county could go a long way toward meeting the county’s goals with financial incentives rather than mandates.

*This title was not part of the original Camera publication.

Source: Daily Camera

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