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My Camera Editorial Advisory Board comment published on Oct. 13, 2007:

Broomfield’s new mayor and newly constituted City Council have significant issues to address that will greatly affect present and future residents’ ability to say, “I love living in Broomfield.” Preparing for and addressing growth tops the list. The city is only 36.72 square miles, and its population is expected to nearly double to roughly 93,000 at build-out. Growth will affect health and human services, the library, the courts, the recreation centers, city roads and much more.

Ranking right up there is the need to maintain older neighborhoods while expecting new developments to include parks, schools and good traffic flow. Open space acquisitions need to continue to preserve the beauty of the area and, if possible, some of its rustic feel.

Transportation issues are big ones as well. The benefits and impact of FasTracks coming to Broomfield needs further discussion and consideration. At some point, Broomfield may need to seriously discuss density. Also, more attention needs to be paid to what’s coming into the 120th Avenue entrance into Broomfield to assure the additions are more attractive and uniquely Broomfield than what is being replaced. Some transportation issues facing Broomfield are beyond its jurisdiction. However, Broomfield can continue to lobby for money for U.S 36 and the Wadsworth interchange or work on intergovernmental agreements and money for 120th and 144th avenues.

I like living in Broomfield. It’s a great hometown. It will continue to be so, too, with help from not only elected officials but also from its residents. Yikes! That means me.

*This title was not part of the original Camera publication.

Source: Daily Camera

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