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My Camera Editorial Advisory Board comment published on Feb. 14, 2009, in response to the Camera’s question: This week and for the rest of the year, Boulder is celebrating its 150th year. What do you imagine Boulder’s next 150 years will look like, and what do you think will shape its near- and long-term future?

So many factors unknown today will shape Boulder’s next 150 years, but it’s a safe bet the Flatirons, parks and open spaces will still attract climbers, athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. The economy and the city’s financial decisions will continue to shape Boulder. As Boulder continues to grow more expensive, more young families will settle in communities to the east. One result will be the character of Boulder’s neighborhoods will permanently change as will the services the city will need to provide.

The quality of the public school system and the strength of the University of Colorado will affect Boulder. CU will continue building taller buildings than currently allowed by city code, but at some point Boulder may decide to grow taller versus wider anyway. Boulder County will become less rural and the city less of a small college town.

Mass transportation will help maintain the city’s character without too many cars. FM reception problems will be solved or people will migrate to the Web. An historical society will busily declare worth saving all the structures existing from the present. A few Boulderites still will cause some to say, “Only in Boulder,” but the political makeup of the area will make that less likely. Either other local communities will become more liberal as all the liberals wanting to live in Boulder won’t be able to afford it or fit there, or lots more conservatives will move into Boulder. But, I’m not holding my breath on that last one, especially for 150 years.

Source: Daily Camera

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