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Valuing Thanksgiving

Just like most Thanksgivings, this year I thought about one thing a University of Colorado political science professor taught me in the 1990s. Dennis Eckert told the class you don’t leave a tip on the table after Thanksgiving dinner. As I remember it, he was making the point that you don’t mix values. So, this underscored for me the meal had nothing to do with monetary value. Grandma wasn’t fixing the meal for a price but out of love and other reasons.

Over the years, I’ve watched other holidays become commercialized and thought there wasn’t anything anyone could do to ruin Thanksgiving. It was commercialization-proof. It may take money to travel to Grandma’s house and to buy the feast’s fixings, but Thanksgiving is exactly that, a day to give thanks. The original true story of Thanksgiving began with many believing in God or higher power and Pilgrims believing in the Bible. And, today people choose whether to make that a part of their story.

However, Thanksgiving Day has its enemies that want to tear down the all-American holiday. Chris Lewis, a CU American Studies instructor, comes across as in this camp in the Camera’s Nov. 25 story, “CU-Boulder prof: Thanksgiving history filled with myths.” He discounted many of the facts that other writers have presented.

I heard about these “myths” only a few days before the story came out  in the paper and contacted AnitaMomAdmin2 of “As a Mom … A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots” for her perspective. She sent me three links that helped me understand the true beginning of Thanksgiving:

The Great Thanksgiving Hoax

The Real Meaning of Thanksgiving: The Triumph of Capitalism over Collectivism


The Real Story of Thanksgiving by Rush Limbaugh


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