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What do scammers think Americans are, stupid? I received a phone call yesterday from a man with an Indian accent saying I have some viruses on my computer. He directed me to turn it on so he could help me. I smelled the scam immediately but decided to ask some questions.

The caller identified himself as Jack and said he was calling from Microsoft. He repeated his “help” request. I asked: “How do you know I have a computer?” Odds are I do, so that wasn’t that bright of a question. He guessed on the brand and got lucky. Still, I knew I had not solicited this so-called help call and had no contract with Microsoft for virus assistance.

“I’m going to have to call you back,” I said. “What’s your number?” Then, “Jack” gave me a fake number. He said he would call me back and he did, three or four times within the minute. I didn’t bother answering but saw on caller ID the calls came from the same number.

What did “Jack” think would happen? Americans on the receiving end would simply be his hands to rip us off?

Americans, think. Be smart. People like “Jack” are out to steal whatever is on your computer. Block his number with your phone provider if necessary, but don’t do what he says and never give out personal information over the phone.

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