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What does it mean when I said I felt uncomfortable seeing pictures of same-gender couples kissing on the mouth? What does it mean when I also said I felt uncomfortable seeing parents kissing their grown children on the mouth and a neighbor mother kissing the grown neighbor’s son on the mouth?

Feeling uncomfortable with these real experiences I had means I’ve had other experiences that have shaped my public display of affection. At some early age, I no longer kissed my mother on the mouth. The same happened with my babies. Once they stopped giving slobbery baby and toddler kisses, we stuck with kisses on the cheeks and hugs.

Seeing two people of the same gender kissing takes me to an unfamiliar place. Nevertheless, if they had been of opposite genders, I could have been uncomfortable as well. Weddings are notorious for public and physical displays of affection and love. Still, it doesn’t mean I feel comfortable watching. I discovered through uncomfortable experiences that others do things differently.

I owned these feelings of discomfort in a post on my blog, “Community Blog: Consider This,” in a post, “Civil unions not the end goal.” (see http://wp.me/p3tfwR-eC) This blog is also a community blog linked to the front page of the Daily Camera’s website (see http://www.dailycamera.com).

I said in part: “Seeing Daily Camera pictures of same-gender couples kissing on the mouth at the Boulder County civil union parties last night made me feel uncomfortable. I felt the same way when I saw parents kissing their grown children on the mouth or a neighbor mother kissing on the mouth the grown neighbor’s son. That’s how I am.”

Doug McKenna (July 5 Daily Camera guest opinion) said I insinuated that two gay men kissing was akin to incest. He made this statement as part of his rant about the Supreme Court’s rulings on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and California’s Proposition 8.

McKenna missed the fact that incest is a big stretch from my being uncomfortable seeing a picture of two same-gender people kissing. The label of incest should not be casually used and requires much more than a kiss.

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