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The unimaginable happened again. Today in Castle Rock, Colo., a mother who was supposed to be one her children’s strongest protectors was arrested on charges of first-degree murder in their deaths.

Castle Rock Police Chief Tony Lane said a woman called police about 7:45 a.m. today saying she was going to commit suicide. When asked whether there were children in the home, the caller said “they had gone to Heaven.”

When police arrived at the home in 200 block of Cherry Street in the Founders Village subdivision, they found Kelli Murphy, 41, there with injuries to her wrists and two children, ages 7 and 9, dead in their bedrooms. Murphy was taken to a local hospital to treat her injuries and is in police custody.

It’s mind-boggling why a mother would kill her children. Obviously, there were signs that the father had picked up on. He called police for a welfare check of the children the day before. Officers did come to the home but left without the children.

The good news is the father is not a suspect. The extremely bad news is his call for a welfare check did not save his children. This raises some serious questions. What signs did the father see but the police did not? Are welfare checks extensive enough? Did the police ultimately think the father was attempting to use them as a tool to inflict harm on his wife?

We’ll never know how child custody would have gone had the parents’ divorce been finalized. But, there lingers a deeper question of bias against fathers. Would the court have granted the mother custody simply because she was the mother and, therefore, deemed the better parent? Unfortunately, some judges and states have that reputation.

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