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Arizona’s tough new law to clamp down on illegal aliens has rattled President Obama enough to send in a measly 1,200 National Guard troops. In other words, Obama’s actions say he isn’t rattled at all. Instead, they say he hopes to appear to address the issue of border security without actually doing it. Consequently, the American people should not be fooled.

Back in 2006, President Bush deployed 6,000 to the U.S.-Mexico border when the situation was on a smaller scale and less violent. Now that program has ended and the situation is worse, Obama calls for far less troops than are needed. On top of that, the troops aren’t even given charge to stop illegal entries to the country nor to enforce immigration laws.

It’s of little consequence Obama also will ask Congress for $500 million to strengthen law enforcement in the Southwest when in fact that is not really his goal. He showed his true colors when he apologized to Mexico for Arizona’s new law. Obviously, he’s merely responding to pressure exerted by the nation on him to address border security and the larger related issue of immigration reform. Too bad Obama will waste taxpayers’ money again.

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