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Before 9/11, at least sometime before it, well-wishers could see loved ones off at the gate and greet them there when they returned. Later at some point, we had security checks that prevented my husband from greeting me at the gate even when I had become quite sick and was traveling with two small children. Once I was outside security, he finally could help me.

Still then, no one needed to remove their shoes and you could carry liquids over 2-3 ounces on the plane along with nail scissors or whatever else you wanted to carry. In 1971, I brought a gun on a plane wrapped in a Christmas package. It was a gun for a brother to go shooting. I declared to the flight crew what I had. (No scanners.) And, the gun in its package was stowed away in the cabin and returned to me as I departed the plane.

How times have changed.

Despite the terrorist threats I know to be real, I am seriously considering driving unstead of flying whenever possible. John Tyner refused the full-body scan that shows the entire body naked to face a full-palm, full-body, up the groin pat-down. He warned the TSA guard not to “touch my junk,” or he would have them arrested. While flights are much shorter than drives, I’m with Tyner. I also say, “Don’t touch my junk.”

Charles Krauthammer’s Washington Post commentary, “Don’t touch my junk,” on Nov. 19, sheds excellent perspective on the subject. Click here to read it.

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